Crow Statues Choice or Set of 2

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Crafted from high-quality wood, each Crow raven is meticulously designed with intricate details, showcasing the majestic beauty of these intelligent birds. With their impressive size, these statues make a bold statement and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. Place them on your mantel, bookshelf, or even on your covered patio to infuse your space with a sense of mystique and wonder.

Embrace the allure of these wooden raven statues, and let them become the focal point of your decor, adding a touch of elegant intrigue to your living space.

Give an uncanny premonition to any room with this crow raven statues. These can be displayed nicely on a tabletop with everyday decor. 

Choice or Set of 2

Small ~ 5½''W x 3½''D x 9''H''        Large ~ 7''W x 3½''D x 11½''H