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There has been times recently I have ran behind or missed a item. My Mother Patricia Burchett arrived at the hospital November 22nd clinically dead and without life supporting measures performed she would not be here today. In the last couple of months we have watched God's miracles being performed in her and December 31st was released to a rehabilitation facility with dialysis waiting on her kidneys to wake back up and they have, unfortunately she has went downhill to the point not sure she would make it until this weekend and Insurance seems to be dragging their feet to have her transferred now to a different facility. Today dad has called the squad to have her taken to the hospital to regain everything that has been loss while being there and saw today infection oozing from a port (just breaks our hearts) but upon release no matter the insurance she will be moved to the New Facility and hopefully will come home soon .With me being involved with Mom it has left Mark pulling and packing orders, he has done a exceptional job and works hard for each order to be timely and correct. Please be Patient with our Mom & Pop Shop just a little longer. And Please let me know if there is a problem you need help with I am always available to make sure each of you are Happy with our Decor and Service.

Thank You, Tami

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