President Abraham Lincoln LED Candle

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Oval Picture of Abraham Lincoln Timer CREAM Battery Taper Candle

This wax coated design is lovely and wonderful depiction of President Abraham Lincoln

This candle will be perfect for adding a Accent to your patriotic, Colonial, Vintage Arrangements

 Candle Size: 7" with a soft yellow Flicker Flame.

2 - AA Battery required, not included.

The candle is equipped with an automatic timer.  When you turn the candle on,  To set the Timer on the Candle remove and replace the batteries at the time you want the candle to come on and stay glowing for 5 hours it will Automatically turn off for 19 hrs.

All of our candles are verify they work properly.

Decorations Available (Not Included) Only Candle

Many additional LED timer & moving motion candles are available in a variety of colors, styles and designs.

Decorations Available (Not Included)