Taper Moving Motion Flame Timer Candle 7.5"H 3 Colors

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Moving Motion Flame Taper Timer 7.5"H Candles

Once you try these flameless candles you will never got back to the traditional. All the beauty without the fear of fire, soot on ceiling or remembering to blow it out!

* 7’5″H x 1″ Diameter, standard taper size
* This taper has a plastic "flame" that rocks back and forth on a wire. A light shines from below so casts flicker on wall. This candle does have a  hum and flicker sound to it. You will hear it in a quiet room.

* Cranberry, Linen or Tobacco color
* Plastic with real wax coating
* Lightly aged for a primitive look with wax drips
* Two AA batteries required, not included
* 4-hour timer

Candle Holders Available (Not Included)